Semolina sourdough

I do not, thank goodness, have the habit of baking bread at one in the morning, but since I was awake from the coffee, I thought I’d bake overproofed bread, instead of refrigerating the dough and baking my usual way overproofed bread the next morning. Adapted from the very gifted baker Codruta’s blog, which I first came across at TFL.

Semolina-wheat sourdough (makes one medium-large loaf)
140g leaven (mine was a mix of wheat and wholewheat)
100g T65 flour
295g semolina rimacinata
280g water
8g salt

There is something about the lightness and crunch of durum wheat breads that is so appealing. Not to mention the yellow colour. I think for them, the you-will-not-tear-into-freshly-baked bread rule can be broken.

Bob pointed out that this means we won’t have warm, freshly baked bread tomorrow morning. I offered him its use as a hot water bottle tonight.
semolina sliced
Submitting this to Susan’s Wildyeast Spotting. Hey, after all this time of looking forward to her weekly treat of bread stories, I can actually contribute cos i finally started a blog ha.

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