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Apricot almond and grains sourdough

apricot almond grains bread
Adapted from a Hamelman roasted hazelnuts and prunes recipe. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what is the connection, this is typical of how i veer from original intentions. I think this was because in searching for hazelnuts, I realised I never had them in the first place, then I came across a packet of apricots that looked like they ought to have been used up already. So prunes and hazelnut morphed into apricots and almonds. Typical :)) I was almost sure I wouldn’t like almonds in bread; now it’s confirmed. I don’t much care for almonds in bread. Somehow they stay apart—they don’t become part of the taste of the bread like, say, walnuts and hazelnuts do.

Hamelman’s Roasted Hazelnuts and Prunes Adapted
Bread flour 495g
Wholewheat flour 227g (mine was coarse wholewheat)
Water 487g
Butter, soft 45g
Salt 17g
Yeast 1.5 tsp
Stiff leaven 290g (mine was wholewheat flour)
Hazelnuts 113g (I used a mix of almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseed, sesame seeds)
Prunes 113g (I used apricots)

Apricot seed bread
I thought this was pretty. Or at least prettier than in the photo. I really should add more than what’s called for in the recipe to make up for what gets eaten in the process TSK TSK. Anything on the surface is fair game, raw dough being no impediment. And I need to start making batards instead of boules to get some practice shaping them.
apricot almond grains bread crumb
Reading the recipe, I didn’t think it would turn out to be a loaf on the dense side but while mixing, I expected it. Didn’t help that my leaven was ww flour as well. Was very tempted to up the hydration. Still considering the add-ins, it was all right, I thought.