Case in point—corn sourdough pancakes


Semolina, corn and some wheat flour. Previously I’ve also added polenta for crunch. Chopped green chilli and corn. The only thing missing is coriander. Don’t get me started on the lack of coriander here.


Jellyfish. They ended up being a tad overcooked, thus a bit dried and browned. I’m very impatient with the electric stove. It never gets hot fast enough for me, unlike the gas stove i’m used to. Then when I give up, it gets too hot. Otherwise it’s really nice to bite into a fluffy yellow pancake with bits of corn and chilli.





This goes to Susan’s yeastspotting.

1 thought on “Case in point—corn sourdough pancakes

  1. robstewart1

    I’m with you on the electric cooker thing. Mine used to decide when it was hot enough and turn itself down! Cooking on gas again now :). Thanks for stopping by tasteandlight. Rob


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