Aniseed, sesame and poppy seed sourdough


This is the aniseed, sesame seed and poppy seed sourdough loaf I baked for last week’s bake sale. I’ve never actually made it before, and since it was for sale, I couldn’t cut into it to try! So with the leftover spice mix, I made it again. It was inspired by Chad Robertson’s fennel seed, sesame seed and poppy seed semolina loaf in his book Tartine. While I’ve never made that one, his fennel, coriander and sultana semolina loaf is a constant in my kitchen.

Aniseed, Sesame seed and Poppy seed SD
400g      T65 flour
 90g        Coarse rye flour
300g       Water
240g       Leaven, 100% hydration (semi-wholewheat flour)
  12g       Salt (perhaps because of the spices, I found the salt excessive and will dial back in future)
  10g       Aniseed, toasted and lightly ground (less if not a fan)
  10g       Sesame seeds, toasted and lightly ground
 10g        Poppy seeds

I don’t spell out the method, because I really think it’s up to the baker to adapt to his/her type of flour, the particular batch of flour, the conditions, temperature, schedule, etc. etc. This one had a long, cool proof with a couple of folds, then an overnight fermentation. The fragrance of the aniseed is wonderful. You know how when you’ve been in the kitchen, you don’t realise just how fragrant it is; it’s only when you step out that you realise the whole house smells nice. We (OK, I) didn’t even wait for it to cool properly before cutting into it. And I could barely bother with taking photos! ImageToo bad we didn’t have the right type of cheese. It is very aniseedy though, so you have been warned.



3 thoughts on “Aniseed, sesame and poppy seed sourdough

  1. Joanna

    I do like the sound of this! Have you tried making the gibassier buns which are flavoured with aniseed and orange water? You bake beautiful bread!

  2. michaelawah

    Gibassier (which I first found out about on TFL, and i believe it was Sally BR who posted about it, or at least I think so, it was so long ago!) is another one on my endless list of things to try. Thanks for reminding me of the link!

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