Emmanuel Hadjiandreou’s Tomato & Herbs Sourdough


So my family came and went. Not that I didn’t cook or bake while they were around; I was just too busy serving/washing up/finding the radio station dad wanted while putting on the kettle for tea while running down to the basement to fetch the umpteenth load of laundry—you get the picture—to bother with photo-taking of any sort. I’ve got this one photo because this bread was actually baked the day before they arrived.

I wanted to bake some bread, to be able to give them something solid and reassuring when they sat at the table weary from the travel—too weary to eat, really, the irony of it. This bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou came to mind because it combines tomatoes and herbs, two of my favourite things about summer, although at that time summer was still straggling and not willing to come in fully through the door. Now summer’s here, and the bread’s long eaten, and the family gone…

I like this bread very much because it incorporates quite a bit of leaven, which is good because, amongst other things, I don’t have to put too much away for storage after all that feeding. There’s been no photoshop-ing; the crumb is this beautiful orange-red and I like the uneven washes of colour—due no doubt to my uneven mixing. If you want an even colour throughout, I would suggest you dissolve the tomato paste in the water, instead of adding the paste directly to the dough as I did. I actually succeeded in not substituting thyme for the rosemary and nigella called for, but the next time thyme it shall be. It smells as good as you can imagine tomato and herbs smell together and keeps moist for days after.

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