must make sage

Ok, i’ve just eaten a third of the bread that’s fresh out of the oven and did not even have a chance to pose its browned bottom on the cooling rack. I know, I’m awful. What would the bread police say. Obviously it’ll have to be re-evaluated when the bread’s cooled down properly, but

1. Could I have guessed that sage smells so nice baking in a bread? no.
2. Why do I like walnut in bread so much? Rather, who in the right mind can refuse walnut in bread? Especially when in the same mouthful you get some caramelised crust too.
3. Why do I like buckwheat so much, that unmistakeable taste of buckwheat and that beautiful gritty grey, especially with some rye.
4. I’ve never had dried pear in bread (I think) and I like it! Looks like apricot but tastes more subtle.
5. What is it about bread baking in an oven that smells so good. It’s almost like torrefied wheat.
6. Why am I a compulsive bread eater, nibbler, tearer, when others can walk on by indifferent.

I had a hunch that sage in a pear-walnut number would be good, but now I must, must, not only remake this, but also, side by side: just sage (for full-on sage flavour!), sage and walnut (or hazelnut???) and sage-walnut/hazelnut-pear. Heck, i might even make sage and olive oil cake!

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