Black bean chocolate cake


So I was contemplating between olive oil & sage cake or a peach cornmeal cake, when I was faced with butter beans overcooked to mush. And I mean mush. Baby food texture, except there are no babies on the premises. Then I remembered this black bean chocolate cake. Not a drop of oil/butter in this?? Really??? I was skeptical but isn’t that even more reason to try it out. Plus, hey, it’s hard to argue against a one-bowl cake.

It was also a chance to try out these silicon muffin/cupcake thingamajigs that I bought recently at a sale. I thought they were nifty cos unlike other silicon things, which tend to be floppy, these could stand on their own (for now at least). They are also reusable, unlike paper liners, which I don’t even own.

These turned out fine, like fudgy brownies. I’ve made your beetroot/ zucchini/ sweet potato choc cakes before and the vegetable taste was always totally subdued by the chocolate etc., but in this one, I could detect some bean. Bob also gave me a look and said “there’s something in it, isn’t it”, but it didn’t stop him from eating it. Could it be because I used butter beans instead of black beans? Is there an affinity between chocolate and black beans?

So thanks to blogger Josephine! My changes were: butter beans (accidentally or otherwise) cooked to death instead of black beans; 90g of sugar in all, including 20g of brown sugar; I omitted the orange zest and juice, adding instead just a drop more of rhum-y vanilla bean steeping liquid-on-its-way-to-becoming-essence and one tablespoon of water keffir, just because it was on the counter. No problem with moistness whatsoever, even if I had left these out I think. It made 10 tiny ones.

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