Various breads

No time really to bake so some random bits of baking

ImageHamelman’s raisin cinnamon loaf with some wholewheat flour and oatmeal. You can find useful scaled measurements converted to grams here. I also added the zest of one orange and left out the sugar entirely. Image

Funny how the top detached itself like the straps of a handbag:) Apparently it can be caused by too much egg white wash on the dough before the rolling up.Image

A basic sourdough loaf, but is there anything ever so nice as a St Nectaire, especially in spring/summer. This was a particularly superb one.



An almost 100% kamut flour sourdough with the kamut flour I lugged back from Italy. Never baked with kamut before, so I used this TFLer’s formula. Loved the taste and the bright yellow color. The crust was especially delicious.

2 thoughts on “Various breads

  1. Joanna

    Any day I would eat any of your various breads which look completely wonderful, I haven’t baked with kamut for a while, but it is good stuff. I always think it would be good in a fruit cake or something too but as I don’t bake that many cakes, that will probably remain as a thought !


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