Light chocolate zucchini cake


Bob has a knack for announcing at the very last minute that he needs to bring something for a potluck. I remembered this light chocolate zucchini cake I saw recently. My adaptations in grams.

Light chocolate zucchini cake
250g         Flour
25g          Cocoa powder
1 1/2tsp   Baking soda
1/2tsp  Salt
200g        Sugar
75g         Oil
2            Eggs
1   tsp      Vanilla extract
170g        Non-fat yoghurt (topped up with 1 TBS of creme fraiche)
250g        Grated zucchini, after a good squeeze to remove excess liquid
175g        Dark chocolate chips

I used dark chocolate for the chips, so this cake was really not sweet.

2 thoughts on “Light chocolate zucchini cake

  1. michaelawah Post author

    I wasn’t there but was told there were only crumbs left. I was afraid people would find it not sweet enough but apparently not! It’s a good and quick cake to put together, thanks!


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