Maize bread




I can finally make bread!!!! We, no I, have all but finished our stash of frozen bread so I got to bake bread again. There’s an Italian maize bread in Dan Lepard’s Handmade Loaf that made me buy maize flour from Italy, but it doesn’t use leaven and I was too lazy to do the conversion, so I went with Susan’s sourdough corn bread.

I found the dough very dry so I added more water (50g more for two-thirds of her original recipe), but I was very tempted to add more. That, and the fact that I under-proofed the final dough and what with the polenta and maize flour, made for a tight crumb. But I liked the taste and the crunch the polenta gave. Also, for some reason, the crust was just really delicious.

Submitting this to Wildyeast spotting!


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