Sourdough spelt & wheat bread


I hardly ever use spelt flour – the only time i baked spelt bread, I didn’t find it particularly different from wheat – but this might change. I used this recipe from Hefe und Mehr blogger, whose blog I like to peruse, fantasizing that all these wonderful breads (especially the German ones) are sitting on my kitchen counter. I added very little honey, but more importantly, I used only white spelt flour, while I think the recipe includes a bit of whole spelt flour, or semi-whole?? I thought of reducing the water slightly but went ahead anyway. I don’t know if it’s because of the hydration, or is it a characteristic of spelt, but although the dough was nice and light, it was floppy and bread strength was very weak. I did more folds than usual to try to give it some strength, but that didn’t help . Nonetheless, there was oven spring, it was delicious and we devoured it.

Curiously, this spelt bread filled us up much faster! I thought it was just me, but Bob uncharacteristically turned down my offer of more bread and scratched his head, perplexed that he should not want more bread that morning. So we stared forlornly at the delicious bread, crackly crust and sweet soft insides that would have happily taken on more butter – and saved it for the next day!

Does this happen to others, and how differently does the gluten in spelt behave, I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Sourdough spelt & wheat bread

  1. Stefanie

    Your bread looks lovely!
    I uses a part of freshly milled spelt flour which you can replace of course with whole spelt flour as well.
    To your question of the strength of spelt doughs: Spelt is higher in protein then wheat but its gluten proteins have another composition then wheat. This leads to an weaker dough which has to handle with a little bit more care.
    When you use only white flour, the dough was maybe a little bit to high hydrated as well. So I would cut down the hydration a little bit when baking with white flour alone.

  2. Joanna

    Spelt in my experience proves much faster than modern varieties of wheat, I think the gluten isn’t the same. I go back to it from time to time because I like the nutty taste of the wholemeal version, I am less keen on the all white and so I chest and mix flours to get strength from modern wheat and the flavour of the spelt. I believe that many people say spelt is easier on their tums than wheat if they are a bit gluten intolerant – which would make sense. I haven’t noticed that it is particularly filling but it might well be more nutrient dense as well. At the moment Iam mixing it up with all sorts of flours. It looks like a very fine loaf from here !


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