Might brioche actually be good for the heart??? Avocado brioche



Lovely green avocado brioche

A brioche that replaces butter (or oil) with avocado! When i first saw this, i had to make it. Can’t believe it has been more than two years since I last made this. My adaption below (namely, less sugar). The crust is very dark because I egg yolk-washed it, but the crumb is a nice pale green. You can taste the avocado in it, and I think it makes a particularly nice sandwich bread (somehow the taste of avocado reminds me of ham).

Use a sweet, dense and rich-tasting avocado for a better taste. Also I remember from the last time, the taste changed slightly the following day because of the avocado element. I think it’s at its best freshly baked. Won’t be able to tell this time because there’s none left!

Avocado Brioche (adapted from Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen)
Strong bread flour                            400g (can start with 360g and increase; depends on moisture level of avocado)
Milk powder                                        30g
Sugar                                                  30g
Instant yeast                                      1 TBS (in original; i’ll go for less the next time)
Salt                                                     1 tsp
Eggs                                                   3 large
Water                                                   55g
Avocado flesh                                     140g (about one medium-sized avocado)




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