Rye/wheat sourdough with rye berries

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Rye/wheat sourdough with rye berries

My bag of rye berries stared back at me with a sneer.
Knew you wouldn’t get round to it.
I stand admonished.

I had bought it with every intention to make a vollkornbrot or some German-style bread for Bob’s German colleague expatriated here who missed his hearty rye breads. I commiserated. I had learnt early on that even when boulangeries sell ‘rye’ or ‘Nordic’ bread, they are rarely wholly rye and most unsatisfying. To be fair, I couldn’t find rye groats, rye flakes and the usual paraphernalia but I got distracted, as usual. Sorry Franck, I hope I’ll be able to make it up with dampfnudeln!

I adapted this recipe from Angie’s Recipes: Taste of Home blog. Angie, by the way, makes the most amazing stuff, combining ingredients you wouldn’t think of combining, and she’s a genius in all manner of cooking. You’re guaranteed a surprise if you pop by her blog.

Rye/wheat sourdough with rye berries (makes 1 loaf)
Soaked rye berries
100g       Rye berries
   2g        Salt
100g       Cold water

I had used rye berries once, and even after cooking them for the longest time, they remained very hard in the bread. So this time, I followed some tips on the Internet and partially broke some of them up in the blender. I wasn’t sure if I should have used hot/cold water (I usually soak grains in hot water) but stuck to cold in case they should sprout?? I refrigerated the soaked berries though, because temperatures are still warmish. Of course by the next day, all the water had been absorbed.

88g      T80 flour (semi-wholewheat flour)
 1g        Instant yeast
 2g        Salt
60g       Water

Mix and leave at room temp for an hour or so. Refrigerate 15-24 hrs before use.

Final dough
113g      Leaven, 100% (mine was fed T80 flour)
All of the rye berries
All of the starter
100g     Wholewheat flour
 90g      Bread flour [ I used 190g of T80]
 63g      Light rye flour [I used dark rye flour]
  2g       Instant yeast
  6g       Salt
155g     Water
200g     Dried fruits 
200g     Nuts and grains [I just threw in a handful of dried berries and almonds]

Mix everything except dried fruits and nuts and grains. I did this by hand and was quite surprised by how easily the dough came together. Add dried fruits and nuts and grains. I just threw in some leftover berries and almonds because i wanted to taste the bread on its own without add-ins. 
Proof for 30–60 mins.
Shape into a log and place into bread tin. The dough is wet but very workable, i.e., not of the pouring consistency that rye breads can take on.
Proof for an hour – watch this bread! Because of the qty of yeast, I was shocked by how quickly it had risen.
Bake with steam at 230 celsius for 10 min, then 190 celsius for 40-50 mins. Watch it as it can brown easily.

I found this a tasty, good, ‘quick’ bread (compared to the usual rye breads), with the rye berries giving it a very pleasant chew. However, it was somewhat lacking in taste and depth, even with the amount of leaven and starter. It did improve the following days though and makes great sandwich bread. 
* cut down or omit yeast for a slow rise??
* Definitely add grains the next time, but I would skip the dried fruits as I don’t like them in rye breads.


1 thought on “Rye/wheat sourdough with rye berries

  1. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    Your bread has turned out great too. I am glad that you have enjoyed the recipe too. Thanks for the lovely shout out, I really appreciate it.


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