…and finding Page 189

Page 189 bookshop1

On the same day, i also stumbled on this bookshop at 189, Faubourg Saint-Antoine. A small, intimate one with very appealing titles and quite a large space devoted to BD for its size. What is surprising is the little post-its you find on the books, humorous scribblings by the owners with their opinions and recommendations. This personal vein was confirmed when a man dashed in to thank the lady owner profusely for some book he had read. He was so enthused, so full of joy, I thought for a minute he was going to kiss her. But like the wind, he dashed out again.

Is that not a nice gesture, just popping in to thank your bookshop owner? Is it not good that the written word, a book, still has the power to make someone’s day like that, so much so that he, presumably, went out of his way to thank her? Why do we not do the same for our dentists? ;)) Is it not heartening that this sort of relationship with your neighbourhood bookshop can still exist? Take that, Kindle.


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