grains, chestnut and lard

I was too busy to bake for weeks, then right when I finally had some time, had to fall ill for a week with a horrible flu. But one still has to eat bread so I persisted.
grain bread
just cos I seldom get such a regular crumb. I never watch my proofings like a hawk so what was it that gave such even, regular holes? 🙂
chestnut bread
If anyone thinks of making chestnut bread – don’t, not quite. I mean, you’ll probably want to incorporate chestnut flour too (which I actually had, proof being the chestnut lemon cake i made this morning). But i thought I’d just substitute the walnuts in the world’s best walnut bread recipe, i.e., Dan Lepard’s in his Handmade Loaf, but as I suspected, doesn’t quite work out. I didn’t use the best-quality chestnuts – just some cooked ones in a bottle – but chestnuts have a dry, floury quality that needs some working around. It must be said that I also left out the raisins in the recipe. But overall, it was bland bread.
lard bread
Two years ago, a friend came back from NY raving about this delicious lard bread. She handed me a precious morsel and got me searching the net for it and it was bookmarked until now. I finally made it. For her. In a roundabout way although she’s not anywhere around to try it :(( I often do that. Bake for people. With someone in mind. Whether or not the person is physically able to try it. Anyway, it was crackly, peppery and fragrant…very dangerous to have around. I ate a good chunk right out of the oven.

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