A mouthful of cloud—chestnut flour & lemon cake

Chestnut flour cakeI realize that the above photo (I didn’t even brush away the crumbs, for shame) is not likely to make you want to make this cake. But I would be sorry because you would be missing out on such a lovely, lovely cake. It truly is like eating cloud, lemon-scented, chestnut-tinged cloud. The distinctive bittersweet taste of chestnut registers first, giving way to pleasantly tingling lemon.

The first time I made this, I used creme fraiche as per the recipe. This time, I used Greek yoghurt, and while both are delicious, I actually prefer the lightness of this version. (Though it’ll make a less pretty, more delicate, soufflé-like cake with a crumply top.) Put away some for the next day if you can, the taste deepens and gets much better.

Take the little morsel as a sign—i had to squirrel some away for myself otherwise I wouldn’t have had any leftovers!


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