Weeds from the garden and a cake

ImageDan Lepard’s passionfruit crumble cake. This is for a friend so i can’t cut into it and you can’t see the pale yellow, tender crumb. Do make this lovely cake. The flavour of passionfruit and the crunch of its seeds makes this a unique cake and a winner for me. If nothing else, the house will smell terribly edible.

When I first made this over a year ago, I used freshly grated coconut. That is sadly inaccessible for me now. It feels strange to be using desiccated coconut. The recipe makes rather a lot of crumble topping, but I’m just going to sprinkle leftovers on toast. It reminds me of when we were kids and a treat was sugar and butter on toast. I also added some kaffir lime zest in the crumble.




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